About Us

Where it began...

Fast lane was set up by Hannah and Scarlett, with the idea of creating the perfect swimming environment where high quality and a fun learning experience mattered.

The girls met in Abu Dhabi after being selected by a World class swimming academy to run the swimming programme at Brighton College, one of the top schools in the UAE.

Their solid friendship and shared vision of creating a premium swim school in the UK led to the creation of Fast Lane Swim School ltd in 2018.

Our aim

Both coming from competitive swimming backgrounds and having worked within all areas of the swimming industry, they have refined their approach to swim teaching to be indisputably the best in the Salford area. Having only been established for the past 3 years they have already built up and cemented themselves an excellent reputation.

Our core intention is for our Fast Lane swimmers to be successful on their swimming journey whilst developing them as young people. Our pathway is structured for this purpose making it both enjoyable and an adventure.

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From complete beginner through to competitive athletes,
our broad knowledge caters for all individuals.

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